This report is based on data provided by LEGI-SLATE, a Washington Post Co. subsidiary.

This is a summary of recent congressional actions not reported elsewhere in The Post. HOUSE

*Vocational Rehabilitation

An Education subcommittee approved, by voice vote, a substitute measure reauthorizing for five years a federal program that provides aid to states for vocational rehabilitation for the handicapped. The legislation authorizes $1.37 billion for fiscal 1987. The fiscal 1986 appropriation is $1.19 billion. The substitute measure made various structural changes in the original bill. (HR4021/ Feb. 25)

*Revenue Sharing

A Government Operations subcommittee approved, 6 to 2, legislation reauthorizing the general revenue sharing program at the current level of $4.2 billion for fiscal 1987 through 1989. The program expires at the end of 1986. Members approved an amendment placing revenue sharing, currently an entitlement program, within the annual appropriations process. The Reagan administration's only funding proposal for the program in fiscal 1987 is for $5.6 million to pay employes to oversee the termination of revenue sharing. (HR1400/ Feb. 25)

*Commodity Credit Corporation

The House approved, 321 to 86, a $5 billion supplemental appropriation for the Commodity Credit Corp. (CCC). In early February, Congress approved $1.5 billion to cover CCC expenses through the end of the month. The administration has estimated the agency will need $7.3 billion more for this fiscal year. The Senate has yet to act on the measure. (HJRes534/ Feb. 26)