For more than a year now, we've been squaring off in this space against one of Greater Washington's deadliest moving targets: the red-light runner. When we began, RR's disregard for pedestrians and other motorists had reached epidemic proportions. Petrified pedestrians and motorists alike were proceeding in anxiety, knowing that this lawbreaker knew no jurisdictional bounds. Today, the red-light runner is still around, though things are looking somewhat better.

Still, it is important to keep this danger in public view, and, thanks to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, there is not only renewed attention to the red-light runner but also a useful bit of protection for one of the most vulnerable victims. This is the motorist who does recognize red and does stop -- with the red-light runner too close behind. In cooperation with private organizations, COG has produced the ultimate bumper sticker. It says: "I Stop For Red Lights."

The stickers are free, and are available at local government headquarters throughout the region. (COG's information center number is 223-6800, extension 230). While the bumper sticker obviously carries no guarantee, it might do some good in helping further to reduce the incidence of red-light running. Meanwhile, police throughout the area should continue their efforts to crack down -- to serve notice on residents as well as visit rs that Greater Washington is no place to play deadly games at intersections.