The Democratic Task Force of the National Women's Political Caucus has issued its first report of its "Presidential Information Project," a study of the records on women's issues of nine possible Democratic presidential candidates, and found them generally not to be male-chauvinist-piggish. However, as in George Orwell's "Animal Farm," some are more equal in the women's eyes than others.

The candidates are Sens. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (Del.), Bill Bradley (N.J.), Dale Bumpers (Ark.) and Gary Hart (Colo.), Govs. Bruce E. Babbitt of Arizona and Mario M. Cuomo of New York, former governor Charles S. Robb of Virginia, Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.) and the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson.

Babbitt, Cuomo and Robb got generally high ratings across the board for supporting the Equal Rights Amendment, the "pro-choice" stand on abortion, programs for women and children in poverty and appointments of women. The members of Congress generally were also lauded for voting in support of these programs although Biden and Gephardt have generally voted against "a woman's right to choose" an abortion.

When it comes to salaries for female staff members there were other differences. The median salaries for women on Bradley's staff is 117 percent that of men with four women in the top 10 salary positions. The median salary level for women on Hart's staff is 102 percent that of the males. For Bumpers it was 78 percent of the male level, for Biden 57 percent and for Gephardt 48 percent. Jackson was cited for having six women in the top 10 staff positions of the National Rainbow Coalition.