Commodity Credit Corp.

The Appropriations Committee approved, by voice vote, a measure authorizing a $5 billion supplemental appropriation for the Commodity Credit Corporation. The CCC, which provides price supports for farmers, ran out of money last week. (HJRes534/March 4) HOUSE Federal Fund Distribution

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure authorizing the Office of Management and Budget to continue to prepare annual reports on the geographic distribution of federal funds. The measure requires OMB to publish the information in the Consolidated Federal Fund Report (CFFR) through fiscal 1990. The CFFR provides a comprehensive analysis of the distribution of federal outlays by county, city, congressional district and state. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the measure will result in outlays of $400,000 in fiscal 1986 and $500,000 in the fiscal years 1987 through 1990. The administration supports the measure. (HR3168/ March 4) "Revolving Door"

A Judiciary subcommittee approved by voice vote a bill designed to reduce conflict of interest by Pentagon procurement officials, and extended the measure to include members of Congress and their staffs. The bill would bar Pentagon employes with substantial and personal procurement responsibilities from taking jobs with defense contractors for two years after leaving government service, and would apply to members of Congress and staff members who have significant responsibility for defense procurement legislation. (HR2554/March 4) Maritime Authorization

A House Merchant Marine and Fisheries subcommittee approved, by voice vote, legislation authorizing $388 million in fiscal 1987 for the Maritime Administration and $12 million for the Federal Maritime Commission. The authorization level was the same as that proposed by the administration. (HR4175/March 4) Embassy Security

The Foreign Affairs Committee approved, by voice vote, the Reagan administration's proposal to upgrade security at U.S. diplomatic posts abroad. The administration's plan calls for the expenditure of $4.4 billion fiscal years 1986 through 1990. (HR4151/ March 6)