From a lobbying plan provided recently to the Nicaraguan government by a New York firm, Agendas International. This excerpt deals with charges made against the Sandinista regime by a police defector named Alvaro Baldizon:

Baldizon's charges are important in that they:

1)accuse the Nicaraguan government of having a policy of routinely executing and torturing political oppositionists;

2)directly tie Tomas Borge and Luis Carrion to these actions;

3)accuse the Sandinistas of being responsible for some of the atrocities heretofore attributed to the contras;

4)accuse Tomas Borge of deceiving U.S. delegations to Nicaragua, especially religious delegations;

5)state that Cuban personnel are literally running the MINT (Interior Ministry), and

6)have been made by an ex-Sandinista loyalist who was an alleged chief investigator for MINT, and

7)says that the sole reason for MINT's Special Investigations Commission is to cover up Sandinista human rights abuses.

These charges, released by the U.S. State Department as "Inside the Sandinista Regime: A Special Investigator's Perspective," are not only targeted against the Nicaraguan government in general, but against Tomas Borge and the MINT in particular. . . .

To date there has been no adequate on-the-record denial of Baldizon's charges by any Sandinista official. U.S.-based journalists remark about this all the time, as do representatives of human rights organizations. Therefore, these charges stand as stated. The administration will surely use this to its advantage.