A sidewalk user fee? Cutbacks in the National Street Mime Corp. Insurance Fund? A woodchuck management savings program?

For a minute, it looked as though Senate Budget Committee Chairman Pete V. Domenici (R-N.M.) had outdone the president in innovative deficit-reduction schemes. The proposals appeared in draft copies of Domenici's budget plan, circulated yesterday to committee members, in the section for "undistributed offsetting receipts."

Budget Committee members were puzzled until the genesis of the proposals was explained.

When committee staff member Anne Miller had to prepare a model for other staff workers to follow in drafting budget proposals, she let her imagination soar. But in the rush to put Domenici's proposal on paper, the model crept inadvertantly from the computer into members' folders.

Miller's proposals appear below. Senator Domenici's additional proposals beyond a freeze for function 950)123 are as follows:

*Require management savings by having each woodchuck that could chuck wood chuck an additional 3.7 cords.

*Limit the use of credit for professional sports. This proposal would reduce the number of new primary loan guarantee commitments by one-third.

*Establish a sidewalk user fee. Under this proposal, inhabitants of the ten largest cities in the continental U.S. would be required to pay before they could walk. This is designed to encourage people to stay in their cars all the time.

*Rescind $423 million in FY 1986 BA from the national street mime corporation insurance fund. It has been a very bad year for street mimes, having been banned from most major cities after the Christmas turmoil. Since they are not working, they have less need for insurance.