This report is based on data provided by LEGI-SLATE, a Washington Post Co. subsidiary.

This is a summary of recent congressional actions not reported elsewhere in The Post.


Export-Import Bank

The Banking Committee approved, by voice vote, a measure that would set up a $300 million reserve within the Export-Import Bank to counter overseas governments that mix foreign aid with financing credits to boost export sales. Similar legislation is pending in the House. (S1763; March 13)


Federal Disaster Relief

The House, by voice vote, approved a measure to increase the amount of funds that states can use for repairing highway damage from a natural disaster or catastrophic failure in 1986, from $30 million to $100 million. The measure also makes U.S. territories eligible for such aid, retroactive to April 15, 1983, up to $5 million annually. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the bill will raise outlays to $7 million in fiscal 1987, $9 million in fiscal 1988 and $30 million in fiscal years 1989 through 1991. (HR4240; March 11)

Christa McAuliffe Program

The Education and Labor Committee unanimously approved a measure that would rename a national program honoring teacher excellence in honor of Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who died in the space shuttle accident. The National Talented Teacher Fellowship Program was organized in 1981 to offer fellowships to encourage and reward outstanding teachers. The legislation that set up the program authorized the expenditure of $1 million in 1986, but Congress has yet to appropriate any money. (March 11)

Rehabilitation Funds

The Education and Labor Committee approved legislation reauthorizing the law that provides grants for vocational training for the handicapped. States now pay 20 percent of the program and the federal government pays 80 percent. The measure would raise the state contribution to 25 percent. (HR4021; March 11)