Here's another. A year after he experimented with second baseman Lou Whitaker at third base, Detroit Manager Sparky Anderson's latest experiment would be to keep five kids who never have been on an opening day big league roster.

Not only that, Anderson said that if he keeps all the kids, he'll have a team with four switch-hitters and that the 1986 Tigers will be infinitely better than the world champion 1984 Tigers.

"We won 104 games in 1984," Anderson said. "Honest to God, let's get real. We had people who had no business being in the big leagues. And then we turned right around and came back with the same team last year.

"This club here and the '84 club aren't even in the same league, and this club doesn't have a chance to win 100 games. Now, you know what kind of season we had in '84. We caught the full impact of a miracle. We didn't have great personnel, but everyone had a chance to play. That's what we're going back to, but this year we have better personnel."

Forget that experience is what many people want in bench and part-time players. Not Anderson. He wants catcher Scotti Madison, infielders Doug Baker, Darnell Coles, outfielder Mike Laga and pitcher Chuck Cary.

He's toying with letting go of veteran outfielder Johnny Grubb and first baseman Dave Bergman, who were so valuable coming off the bench in 1984. Bergman has about $750,000 in guaranteed money coming the next three years.