What's so unusual about a news release announcing the choice of a new site for the Federal Aviation Administration's Management Training School? The release, dated March 14, lays out the specifics of a 10-year contract the FAA has given to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University of Bunnell, Fla., and the only odd thing about it is its redundancy. The Department of Transportation announced the new contract itself, but this release was printed and released by the office of Sen. Paula Hawkins (R-Fla.), who faces a tough challenge this fall from Gov. Bob Graham (D).

The release, which says, "Senator Hawkins had made a number of direct appeals to Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Hanford Dole," suggests to the reader adept at scanning such political semaphore what must have been a gruesomely tough choice for the Department of Transportation. Not only is the facility being moved from the University of Oklahoma over the prostrate form of Sen. Don Nickles (R-Okla.), but other facilities that competed are located in the home states of Sens. Mark Andrews (R-N.D.), chairman of the transportation appropriations subcommittee, Nancy Landon Kassebaum (R-Kan.), chairman of the aviation subcommittee, and Robert J. Dole (R-Kan.).