Aug. 20, 1980, 1986 -- "Twelve John Does," inmates at Lorton Reformatory's Central facility file class-action suit alleging "virtually unchecked violence," shortage of guards, inmate overcrowding, "wretched" food and unsanitary living conditions.

April 28, 1982 -- District agrees to consent decree providing for sweeping changes at Central; agrees to spend $3 million for new cells, security equipment and health improvements and $1.5 million annually to increase the number of guards.

Nov. 23, 1982 -- District officials report they have not complied with many parts of the decree including dormitory renovation, number of guards, medical services and security improvements.

Dec. 17, 1982 -- City agrees to amended decree, setting rigid timetables for complying with its provisions and establishing automatic fines if they are not met.

Aug. 9, 1982 -- Attorneys for inmates asks for city to be held in contempt for not meeting agreed-to deadlines.

Aug. 18, 1983 -- Decree again is amended providing new timetables for complying with its provisions and setting automatic fines.

Nov. 5, 1984 -- Attorneys again seek contempt citation after city fails to meet many deadlines.

March 4, 1985 -- Decree amended again; new timetables set.

Sept. 23, 1985 -- Guards shoot 13 inmates during riot.

Oct. 28, 1985 -- Decree amended, to allow adding 400 new beds at Central to ease overcrowding in the D.C. prison system.