American presidents and other leading U.S. officials on Marcos:

*"You are a most welcome guest in this house, Mr. President and Mrs. Marcos. To us, you are the symbol of an undaunted spirit in Asia that is enlarging liberty and enhancing the lives of human beings."

-- President Lyndon B. Johnson, Sept. 14, 1966, toast to Marcos at the White House

*"The Philippines has a very dynamic man as its president: Marcos. He was a war hero in World War II, vigorous and strong and so forth -- but if you think he is strong, you should see his wife. Mrs. Marcos, a beautiful woman, attractive, persuasive, came here last fall . . . . You can imagine the influence she must have on her husband in addition to the influence she had with us."

-- President Richard M. Nixon, Aug. 6, 1971, remarks to Girls Nation Annual Convention on "the role that you can play as young ladies and as women in the years ahead"

*"Mr. President, let me offer a toast to you, to Mrs. Marcos, to the people of the Philippines and to the mutual respect and sense of community that unite us as two great republics."

-- President Gerald R. Ford, Dec. 6, 1975, toast to Marcos at a dinner in Manila during a state visit to the Philippines

*"We stand with the Philippines, we stand with you, sir . . . . We love your adherence to democratic principles and to the democratic processes . . . . We will not leave you in isolation . . . . It would be turning our backs on history if we did."

-- Vice President Bush, June 30, 1981, toasting newly inaugurated Marcos in Manila

*"Tonight we welcome old and good friends to the White House in a visit symbolic of the superb relationship between our two countries . . . . In World War II, Filipinos and Americans fought and died together. And you, yourself, Mr. President, played an unforgettably heroic part in that conflict . . . . President Marcos, we have accomplished a great deal together over the years. We will all do more in the years to come."

-- President Reagan, toasting Marcos Sept. 16, 1982, in Washington

*"Attempts to prolong the life of the present regime by violence are futile. A solution to this crisis can only be achieved through a peaceful transition to a new government."

-- White House statement, Feb. 24, 1986

*"We praise the decision of President Marcos. Reason and compassion have prevailed in ways that best serve the Filipino nation and people. In his long term as president, Ferdinand Marcos showed himself to be a staunch friend of the United States. We are gratified that his departure from office has come peacefully, characterized by the dignity and strength that have marked his many years of leadership."

-- Secretary of State George P. Shultz, Feb. 25, 1986, on the occasion of Marcos' decision to leave Manila.

("Public Papers of the Presidents" record no comments on Marcos by President Jimmy Carter.)