No candidate for the California Republican Senate nomination has attracted significant statewide support, according to the latest Los Angeles Times poll. Asked whom they would support if the June primary election were held now, Republican voters lined up this way: former Los Angeles television commentator Bruce Herschensohn, 12 percent; Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, 9 percent; state Sen. Ed Davis, 9 percent; Rep. Bobbi Fiedler, 7 percent, and Rep. Edwin V.W. Zschau, 5 percent. Four other candidates received 2 percent or less. Fifty-one percent of the GOP voters said they are undecided, primarily because they said they had not heard enough about any of the candidates.

Matched against Alan Cranston, the three-term Democratic incumbent, Antonovich did best, trailing by 17 points among all registered voters.

Philadelphia Mayor W. Wilson Goode's approval rating has dropped dramatically since May's police battle with the radical group MOVE, according to a Temple University poll. When 479 city residents were asked what kind of job Goode was doing, 43.4 percent gave him a favorable rating compared to a 74.5 percent approval rating last year. The poll found that the mayor's support had fallen more sharply among whites than blacks.