Bills approved by General Assembly this session:

Burning Tree: Stripped the exclusive men-only Bethesda country club of a tax break worth $186,000 a year. Chesapeake Bay: Imposed new land use restrictions along the bay and its tributaries. Education: Approved $14 million in increased education aid to local governments. Ethics: Expanded reporting requirements for lobbyists and lawmakers and provided for disclosure of financial backers of lobbying organizations. Housing: Established rental subsidies for low-income adults. Insurance: Imposed a $350,000 limit on certain jury awards in personal injury cases in an effort to curb rising insurance costs. Seat belts: Required drivers and front-seat passengers to wear seat belts or face a $25 fine. Writing test: A proposed two-year delay failed, but critics of the test as a graduation requirement won a concession from the state school superintendent to delay implementation for one year.

Bills killed this session:

Credit cards: A House committee killed a bill to limit credit card interest charges. Obscene lyrics: A Senate committee rejected an effort to ban the sale to minors of records with lyrics considered to be obscene. Tax amnesty: A measure to grant amnesty to tax delinquents as a way to raise millions of dollars for state and local government problems was defeated.