Measures under consideration by state legislatures would limit awards in liability suits and control insurance costs by limiting noneconomic losses such as "pain and suffering," and not costs such as hospital expenses. They include: Limit on pay-outs in medical malpractice cases. Limits on punitive damages assessed against the guilty party as punishment rather than repayment for injuries suffered. Abolishing or modifying the system under which one defendant pays for everything if others are unable to pay their share. Abolishing or modifying "collateral source documentation," under which juries are not told of other possible compensation to the injured party, including insurance or workers compensation. Limits on the size of suits against places that sell alcohol. Here's what has passed: Missouri: Enacted $350,000 limit for medical malpractice suits. South Carolina: Amended collateral source documentation. South Dakota: Passed $1 million limit for medical malpractice suits; measure before governor. Tennessee: Limited awards against liquor store owners for damages caused by the person who bought the liquor. Utah: Enacted $100,000 limit on medical malpractice suits. Washington: Passed floating limit (from $117,000 to $493,000) on "pain and suffering"; measure before the governor. West Virginia: Passed $1 million limit on medical malpractice claims; measure before governor. Wyoming: Limited liability of liquor store owners. SOURCE: NATIONAL CONFERENCE OF STATE LEGISLATORS