Lebanon's military prosecutor and an investigating judge, acting at the request of Greek authorities, today interrogated May Elias Mansour, a Lebanese woman suspected of involvement in planting a bomb aboard the TWA airliner that exploded April 2, killing four Americans.

Judicial sources here said military prosecutor Fawzi Dagher and military investigating judge Asaad Diab met with Mansour in Tripoli, in northern Lebanon, for two hours "to gather information on the case." Diab said later that the investigation was still in progress and "as soon as it is completed, we will announce the outcome in a court order."

Mansour, who, along with 16 other passengers, flew on the same TWA plane from Cairo to Athens earlier on April 2, has denied any link to the bombing.

Judicial sources said she reiterated her innocence today and explained that she had to take the flight from Cairo to Athens, and then fly to Beirut, because there was no direct flight from Cairo to Beirut that day. She has said she went to Egypt on March 25 for a vacation and business trip to scout for staff and material for a boutique she owns in Tripoli.

Greece asked Lebanon for information on Mansour and authorities in Athens have expressed an interest in questioning her. Mansour reportedly told the Lebanese officials that she had no objection to meeting Greek investigators, but only if they came to Lebanon.

Diab said Lebanese authorities have asked Greece for information it might have on Mansour.

"Lebanese courts have the right to put citizens accused of crimes here and abroad on trial," he said, adding that there were no formal charges against Mansour and had been no request for her extradition.

Mansour, 31, who said she is a member of the National Syrian Social Party and a past activist, reportedly insisted she would not attack "innocent women and children" despite her opposition to the U.S. government and its policy, as well as previous participation in operations against Israeli and Christian militia targets. The National Syrian Social Party is a leftist Lebanese party closely linked to Syria.