This is a summary of recent congressional actions not reported elsewhere in The Post. HOUSE

Federal Employes Rights

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure extending notification and appeal rights to some federal employes, including the right to appeal adverse personnel actions to the Merit Systems Protection Board. The employes affected are primarily attorneys, physicians, chaplains and scientists. Currently, appeal rights are only held by veterans in exempt positions and federal employes who hold their jobs due to a competitive exam. Under the bill, employes with at least two years of service who face removal, suspension for more than 14 days, or furlough for 30 days or less would have to be given 30 days written notice, an opportunity to respond in writing and a written decision containing specific reasons for the action. (HR917/ April 8) Executive Exchange

The House approved, by voice vote, legislation establishing a three-year experimental program that would permit up to 10 private sector executives per year to work for the federal government while continuing to be paid by their former private employer, thereby permitting them to be paid more than the existing government ceiling of $72,300. The private sector executives must not displace any government employe. Participants in this program, like those in all executive exchange programs, would be subject to federal laws relating to conflict of interest, financial disclosure and standards of conduct. The Executive Exchange program was created in 1969, but a presidential commission has found that the program's salary limitation has been an impediment to the recruitment of outstanding private executives. (HR3002/ April 8) Wild and Scenic Rivers

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure adding five rivers to the wild and scenic river systems, including Chace la Poudre River, Colo.; Saline Bayou, La.; Black Creek, Miss.; and North Fork and South Fork of the Kern River, Calif. Since passage of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 1968, 65 rivers or river segments totaling about 7,200 miles have been added to the system. (HR4350/ April 8)