About 300 luggage lockers at Union Station will be removed starting today because they are a security risk and have been used improperly by homeless people and others to store personal belongings, according to an Amtrak spokesman.

Clifford Black said the decision was made about two weeks ago and was "not in response to recent terrorist threats."

He said lockers were removed from Penn and Grand Central stations in New York a few months ago "because 90 percent of their usage was by nonrail customers," such as homeless people who were storing personal belongings and food in the lockers, which he said created "health problems."

Black also cited "security concerns" about the lockers, which could be used to store explosives. He said he knew of no incidents involving lockers at Union Station, saying "the lockers are anonymous and are used more often for bomb threats."

In the meantime, District police said that a rash of bomb threats sparked by Monday's bombing attack on Libya continued yesterday. The public was barred from the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for about 20 minutes after a suspicious package was found there, and the Washington Monument was evacuated for a short while after a report of a bomb there.

Police said there were no explosives found at any of the threatened locations, which also included the Soviet and Bolivian embassies.