This is a summary of recent congressional actions not reported elsewhere in The Post. HOUSE

Orient Express

A Science and Technology subcommittee approved draft legislation, similar to that proposed by the administration, authorizing the aeronautics portion of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Members approved $45 million in new funds to develop an aerospace plane -- the "Orient Express" -- described by President Reagan in his Feb. 4 State of the Union Message. The plane would be designed to fly from Washington to Tokyo, in low Earth orbit, in two hours. (April 16)

Unionized Jobs

The House approved, 229 to 173, a measure to protect the collective bargaining rights of construction workers. The bill would make it harder for unionized construction companies to set up separate firms to perform work on a nonunion basis. (HR281/April 17)

Bank Acquisition Aid

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure to extend for an additional 90 days the provisions of an act which authorizes interstate acquisitions of financially troubled banks and thrift institutions. The Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 also authorizes the FDIC and the FSLIC to purchase "net worth certificates" to bolster the financial condition of troubled financial institutions. Both authorities were originally scheduled to expire in October 1985 and then were extended to April 15 of this year. (HR4551/ April 14)

Textile Statistics

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure requiring the Commerce Department to collect and publish quarterly statistics on the domestic apparel and textile industries, and requiring apparel and textile manufacturers to take part in these surveys. The Commerce Department now collects annual data on these industries, but some lawmakers have complained that it is not processed quickly enough to provide information to administer import restraint programs. (HR2721/ April 14)