Police tonight charged Nezar Hindawi, a 31-year-old Jordanian, with conspiracy to commit murder in the attempt last Thursday to place a bomb aboard a departing El Al jet at Heathrow Airport here.

According to the charge, Hindawi conspired to murder his pregnant girlfriend, Anne Marion Murphy, and other scheduled passengers of Flight 016 to Tel Aviv. A second charge accused Hindawi of attempting to destroy the aircraft. He is due to appear in a London court Tuesday.

The bombing attempt occurred two days after the U.S. air attack on Libya, which was launched from British bases, and initial police theories included a possible connection to threats of Libyan retaliation. But the dates given in the charges -- conspiracy between Feb. 12 and April 17 -- indicated the bomb plan began long before the Libyan raid.

At the same time, the charges point to other suspects not yet apprehended.

Police believe Hindawi, whose age was given as 35 at arrest Friday, duped Murphy into carrying 10 pounds of plastic explosive that he had concealed in her luggage. She was apprehended during a routine inspection at the boarding gate.

Two other men, both said to be Arabs, also were arrested in connection with the case. A police spokesman said one of the two had been released yesterday. The second still is being held.

Also during the weekend, police raided a home in west London and seized documents whose contents they have not revealed. Murphy is no longer under arrest and is believed to be staying in London under heavy police guard