Meets at 11 a.m.


Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry -- 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Open. Proposed funding legis. for progrs. of the Fed. Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. 332 Russell Office Building. Appropriations -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Agriculture, rural devl. and related agencies subc. FY87 budget hrngs. for USDA focusing on Soil Conservation Service, the Ag. Stabilization and Conservation Service and other progrs. 138 Dirksen Office Building. Appropriations -- 2 p.m. Open. Foreign operations subc. FY87 budget hrngs. for State Dept. on int'l. narcotics control, migration and refugee assistance and antiterrorism progrs. S-126 Capitol. Appropriations -- 2 p.m. Open. Interior and related agencies subc. FY87 budget hrngs. for the Navajo-Hopi Indian Relocation Commission, and the Office of Surface Mining, Reclam. and Enforc. 192 DOB. Appropriations -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Labor, HHS, education and related agencies subc. FY87 budget hrngs. for Soldiers' and Airmen's Home, Prospective Payment Commission, Railroad Retirement Board, NLRB, Occupational Safety and Health Review Comm., Nat. Mediation Bd., Fed. Mediation and Conciliation Serv. and U.S. Instit. of Peace. 116 DOB. Energy and Natural Resources -- 2 p.m. Open. Nuclear power plant standardization and licensing. 366 DOB. Environment and Public Works -- 2 p.m. Open. Water resources subc. A bill to establish a federally declared floodway for the Colorado River. 406 DOB. Finance -- 8:30 a.m. Open. Confirmation hrng. on the nomination of William Roper to be admn. of Health Care Financing Admn. 9:30 a.m. Open. Vote on a committee resolution on U.S.-Canada free trade talks. 2 p.m. Open. Mark up proposed tax revision legis. 215 DOB. Foreign Relations -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Agency for Internatl. Devl. 419 DOB. Select on Indian Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Authorizing funds for FY87-FY90 for Native American progs. 385 ROB. Rules and Administration -- 3:30 p.m. Open. Procurement of a new telephone system for the Senate and to consider pending business. 301 ROB. Republican Policy -- 12:30 p.m. Closed. Luncheon meeting. S-207 Cap. Democratic Policy -- Noon. Closed. Luncheon meeting. S-211 Cap. HOUSE

Meets at noon.

Committees: Aging -- 2 p.m. Open. Full comte. with select comte. on hunger. Hunger and the elderly. 311 Cannon House Office Building. Agriculture -- 2 p.m. Open. Tobacco and peanuts subc. Develop. of regulation governing pesticides on imported tobacco. 1300 Longworth House Office Building. Agriculture -- 10 a.m. Open. Conservation, credit and rural develop. subc. Commodity Futures Trading Comm. reauth. 1302 LHOB. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Closed. Defense subc. Chemical weapons. 1:30 p.m. Open. Guard and Reserve. 4 p.m. Closed. Reprogramming for expendable launch vehicle. H-140 Capitol. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. HUD, indep. agencies subc. On HUD. HUD Sec. Samuel Pierce. H-143 Cap. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. Interior subc. On BIA. B-308 Rayburn House Office Building. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. Labor, HHS, education subc. Corp. for Pub. Broadcasting; Natl. Comm. on Libraries and Information Sci. 2358 RHOB. Appropriations -- 10 a.m. Open. Transportation subc. 2358 RHOB. Armed Services -- 3 p.m. Open. Acquisition and procurement policy panel. Improvements in the Truth-in-Negotiations Act. 2118 RHOB. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 2:30 p.m. Open. Mark up Intl. Debt, Trade and Financial Stabil. Act; Export-Import Bank reauth.; Cncl. on Industrial Competitiveness Act. 2128 RHOB. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Consumer affairs and coinage subc. Young Astronaut Program Medal Act. 2128 RHOB. Education and Labor -- 10 a.m. Open. Labor-manage. relations subc. with labor standards subc. Parental and Medical Leave Act. 2261 RHOB. Education and Labor -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Employment opportunities subc. Job Corps. 2257 RHOB. Energy and Commerce -- 10 a.m. Open. Commerce, transportation and tourism subc. Liability insurance. 2123 RHOB. Energy and Commerce -- 10 a.m. Open. Energy conserv. and power subc. FEMA's treatment of emergency planning issues for the Shoreham plant. 2322 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 3:30 p.m. Open. Human rights and intl. organ. subc. Allegations concerning Kurt Waldheim. 2318 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 2 p.m. Open. Africa subc. U.S. relations with Angola. 2255 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 2 p.m. Open. Europe and Middle East subc. Proposed arms sales to Saudi Arabia. 2172 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Jnt. hrng.: arms control, intl. security and sci., intl. operations, and aviation (public works comte.) subcs. Hrng. on state-sponsored terrorism. 2172 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Intl. economic policy and trade subc. Export trading companies. 2255 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 2 p.m. Open. Intl. economic policy and trade subc. Trade legis. 2200 RHOB. Government Operations -- 10 a.m. Open. General revenue-sharing reauth.; misc. investigative reports. 2154 RHOB. Government Operations -- 1 p.m. Open. Commerce, consumer and monetary aff. subc. Structure and regulation of financial firms and holding companies. 1310 LHOB. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Natl. parks and recreation subc. Restoration and develop. of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 1324 LHOB. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:45 a.m. Open. Public lands subc. Intl. programs. 1334 LHOB. Judiciary -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Mark up Justice Dept. auth. for FY87. 2141 RHOB. Judiciary -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Civil and constitutional rights subc. U.S. Comm. on Civil Rights/GAO audit. 2237 RHOB. Rules -- 2:30 p.m. Open. Community services programs amends.; Nevada Wilderness Protection Act. H-313 Cap. Science and Technology -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Transportation, aviation and materials subc. FAA res. and develop. oversight. 2325 RHOB. Science and Technology -- 8:30 a.m. Open. Sci. policy task force. Policies for biomedical research. 2318 RHOB. Veterans' Affairs -- 9 a.m. Open. Hospitals, health care subc. Veterans' health care programs. 334 CHOB. Ways and Means -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Trade subc. Trade reform legis. 1100 LHOB. Ways and Means -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Health subc. Medicare contracting. B-318 RHOB.