This is a summary of recent congressional actions not reported elsewhere in The Post. SENATE Printing Jobs

The Judiciary Committee approved, by voice vote, compromise legislation extending the "manufacturing clause" in the U.S. copyright law. The clause, which is due to expire July 1, offers full U.S. protection of copyright of literary works in English by an American author that are printed in the United States. Under the measure, the clause would be extended to July 1, 1988. (S1822/ April 24) HOUSE Justice Funding

The Judiciary Committee approved, by voice vote, a measure authorizing $3.97 billion in fiscal 1987 for the Justice Department. The legislation essentially freezes the Justice Department's spending at the 1986 level. (HR4356/ April 22) Revenue Sharing

The Government Operations Committee approved, 28 to 10, a measure extending general revenue sharing at the current level of $4.6 billion. The Reagan administration favors elimination of the program. (HR1400/ April 22) Indian Gambling

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure setting up a National Indian Gaming Commission to regulate and monitor gaming operations on Indian reservations. The bill requires that any management contract entered into by the tribes for gaming operations be approved by the panel. It specifies that 75 percent of the funds of the commission will come from assessments on Indian gaming activities and the remainder from congressional appropriation. The bill authorizes $2 million for the first year of the commission's operation, $500,000 to come from appropriations. In the Senate, a similar bill is in committee. (HR1920/ April 21)