Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio) was sued yesterday for $500,000 by a delivery courier who said he suffered major injuries when a car driven by Metzenbaum crashed into his motorcyle.

In the suit filed in D.C. Superior Court, Jeffrey McCall alleged that the Nov. 18, 1985, accident occurred not far from Metzenbaum's home on Foxhall Crescent NW after Metzenbaum made an improper left hand turn into the path of McCall's motorcycle and failed to yield the right of way to McCall.

As a result of the accident, the suit states, McCall incurred "large medical expenses" and "major personal injuries."

Edward Bou, McCall's attorney, said yesterday that his client underwent a knee operation as a result of the accident and had neck injuries as well as "scars on his body."

Bou said McCall has not returned to his courier job since the accident because of his injuries.

Metzenbaum said through a spokesman last night that "we have been in touch with the driver of the motorcycle through his attorney. I hope the matter can be resolved quickly and amicably."

Asked about the alleged traffic violations, a spokesman for the senator said he had no comment because the the lawsuit filed by the courier was in litigation.