This is a summary of recent congressional actions not reported elsewhere in The Post. SENATE Bankruptcy Judges

The Senate approved, by voice vote, a measure authorizing the appointment of 49 new bankruptcy court judges. The bill now goes to conference with the House. The legislation originally included 34 new judges, but a floor amendment added 15 more judgeships. The U.S. Judicial Conference, which conducts surveys on the needs of U.S. courts, has recommended 48 new bankruptcy judges. (HR2211/ May 8) HOUSE Coast Guard Reauthorization

The House approved, 374 to 0, a measure reauthorizing the Coast Guard for fiscal 1987. The bill authorizes $2.2 billion for fiscal 1987, $237.5 million below the president's fiscal 1987 request and $475 million less than the fiscal 1986 authorization. The measure authorizes 39,200 military positions, up slightly from 1986, and $1.86 billion in operating expenses, an increase of about 10 percent. The legislation would reduce the Coast Guard's procurement budget from $564 million in fiscal 1986 to $300 million in fiscal 1987. (HR4208/ May 6) Chapin Medal

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure authorizing the president, on behalf of Congress, to present a gold medal to the family of the late singer/songwriter Harry Chapin in recognition of his efforts to combat world hunger. The bill requires the Treasury Department to strike a gold medal, permits the agency to coin and sell bronze duplicates at a price to recover costs, and authorizes an appropriation not to exceed $20,000. Chapin, who died in a 1981 car accident, created the Presidential Commission on World Hunger, World Hunger Year, and the Food Policy Conference. (HR1207/ May 5)