We have just heard the statements of members of a delegation who participated in the ministerial-level meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries held in New Delhi last week. I wish to recall that the "nonaligned" issued a communique on April 15, which attacked the United States for all manners of wrongs, including a "dastardly, blatant and unprovoked act of aggression" against Libya.

Nonaligned alignment against the United States is not new, but rarely is it as brazen as it has been between Iran and Iraq for six years. Not one word of this shows in the nonaligned communique. Why? Why is there such easy unanimity to attack the United States and nothing to describe a great war which is raging and costing thousands of lives. But, perhaps this is nonalignment, I don't know.

Three days ago, the United States, joined by several other members of this council, voted against a similarly flawed document which unjustifiably condemned U.S. action in Libya. They should know that my country is deeply indignant and will not forget this totally one-sided view of these recent events. I repeat, how many Americans must die before we will be recognized as having the right to take some action? . . .

It has been astonishing for me to hear my country denounced before this council by some countries which have sought and received active cooperation from the United States in dealing with their own problems involving terrorism and have not shrunk from using extreme force themselves to deal with this problem.