This report is based on data provided by LEGI-SLATE, a Washington Post Co. subsidiary.

This is a summary of recent congressional actions not reported elsewhere in The Post. SENATE

Liquor Warning Labels

The Labor Committee, by voice vote, moved to require warning labels, similar to those on cigarettes, on beverages containing less than 24 percent alcohol. The warning label proposal was an amendment to a bill reauthorizing the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. (S2443/May 20) HOUSE

Veterans Administration Loans

The House approved, by unanimous voice vote, a measure to remove the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings ceiling on veterans' home loan guarantees. Without the increase in the ceiling, the VA loans would have been capped at $17.4 billion -- a level expected to be reached in June. Supporters said the cap would deny millions of qualified veterans access to the loans, and that Wednesday's legislation would not cost the government much money because the program calls for government-guaranteed loans, not actual outlays. The Senate on May 6 passed a bill that would lift the ceiling to $30.9 billion; differences between the bills will have to be worked out. (S2416/May 21)

Mint Authorization

The House approved, by voice vote, a measure authorizing $43.5 million in fiscal 1987 for the U.S. Mint and assay offices, and $694,000 to complete improvements at the Denver Mint. The authorization is the same as requested by the administration and $4.2 million less than the 1986 level. The bill also requires that all funds earned from the mint's coin sales be used to reduce the national debt. (HR4529/May 19)

Acid Rain Control

A House Energy subcommittee approved, 16 to 9, a measure to control acid rain. The bill is aimed at reducing annual sulfur dioxide emissions by 9 million to 10 million tons and nitrogen oxide emissions by 4 million tons by 1997. Sulfur dioxide emissions from midwestern coal-fired utilities are being blamed for environmental damage in the Northeast and Canada. (HR4567/May 21)

Veterans' Job Preference

The Veterans Affairs Committee approved, by voice vote, a measure extending for five years a program authorizing noncompetitive appointments of qualified veterans to federal civilian jobs. The legislation extends the termination date of the Veterans Readjustment Appointment Authority to Dec. 31, 1991. (HR4384/May 22)