From "Traditions of The Sun," an editorial yesterday in The Baltimore Sun:

What we were yesterday, we are today and will be tomorrow -- a newspaper dedicated in words written by our founder 149 years ago, "to the common good, without regard to that of sects, factions or parties."

The sale of The Baltimore Sun to the Times Mirror Company of Los Angeles represents our association with one of the finest and strongest newspaper organizations in the country. The Los Angeles Times, Newsday, the Hartford Courant and others in the chain have remained distinctive newspapers. That, too, will be our destiny. While we will no longer be a separate corporate entity, we will remain rooted in Baltimore and firm in the standards that have brought quality journalism to Maryland for a century and a half.

. . . The publishing world is changing dramatically, not only because of the financial consolidation seen in other industries but because technological change is a driving force in this information age. Independently owned newspapers are becoming an anachronism facing an uncertain future. Rather than risk our present strength, which is considerable, we have decided to build on it by associating with newspapers we respect.

. . . Yes, there is sadness in the loss of corporate independence. . . . But what matters to our readers is what they get in the way of news, features, attractive presentation and service. And what they get will be in the great tradition of The Baltimore Sun. CAPTION: Illustration, no caption, (c) 1986 HERBLOCK