Federal authorities have issued a warrant for the arrest of a Philippine woman for failing to appear last week before a grand jury in Alexandria investigating U.S. arms contracts with the Philippines during the reign of Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Edna Guiyab CamCam, described as a close friend of Gen. Fabian Ver, the former military chief of the Philippines, is wanted for questioning about Pentagon-financed arms contracts, sources said. Investigators are looking at allegations of fraud and possible kickbacks to Philippine officials in connection with the contracts.

U.S. District Judge Claude M. Hilton held Marcos' daughter Irene Araneta and her husband Gregorio in contempt of court last week and ordered them to jail for refusing to testify before the federal panel. Execution of their sentences was postponed a month while they appeal.

Ver, who helped approve many of the military contracts, appeared briefly before the grand jury in March, but did not answer questions, sources have said.

CamCam, wanted on charges of contempt of court, should be held without bond if located "because of the likelihood of flight," according to an order released yesterday by Hilton.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Theodore S. Greenberg, who is directing the grand jury investigation, said the woman's whereabouts are unknown.