These are the votes by Fairfax County Board Chairman John F. Herrity now being questioned because of his apparent failure to disclose campaign contributions. Fairfax County law says that members of the county board may vote on a land use issue or a request for tax-exempt government bonds only after they disclose gifts or donations they have received in excess of $50 in the preceding five years from anyone with a financial interest in the project.

*May 20, 1985 -- Herrity voted to exempt Dulles Corner Associates from building height restrictions on an office park and hotel without disclosing a $200 campaign contribution in 1983 from Herbert N. Morgan, a partner in the firm that owns the building site. Fairfax prosecutor Robert F. Horan Jr. has said he will not investigate this vote because of the expiration of the one-year statute of limitations.

*Oct. 21, 1985 -- Herrity voted for a zoning waiver request from Hallmark Bank and Trust Co. of Virginia for a drive-in bank without disclosing a $250 campaign contribution from John P. DiGuillian, a bank officer.

*Jan. 6, 1986 -- Herrity voted to allow $8.03 million in tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds to be issued to Artillery Hill Limited Partnership. Herbert N. Morgan, who gave Herrity the $200 donation, was a partner in the Artillery Hill project, and Herrity did not disclose the contribution.

*Feb. 10, 1986 -- Herrity voted against a rezoning application by Hersand Builders Inc. for a town house project in southwestern Fairfax's Springfield District. After the project was approved by a 6-to-2 vote, he voted to grant Hersand several waivers to the county's zoning regulations. Herrity did not disclose that he is a partner of Hersand's president, Herbert L. Aman III, and Aman's wife Sandra, in a Fairfax City office condominium, and that he had written a check for $10,157 to Hersand on Dec. 18, 1985.

*March 10, 1986 -- Herrity voted for another application to renew an exemption from the county's building limits for the office park and hotel project near Dulles, the project he had supported on May 20, 1985. Again, he did not disclose the campaign gift from Morgan.