From remarks by Sen. Howell Heflin (D-Ala.) in the Congressional Record of June 2:

Bringing television to the Senate has caused more changes than the addition of the television cameras and lights . . . .

The other night I came on the floor of the Senate and I noticed about 30 of my Republican colleagues -- all but two of whom had on "TV" blue shirts, red ties and dark suits. . . .

There is a new emphasis on appearance among members in the Senate. Consultants have been hired by some senators -- especially the presidential hopefuls -- to shape their TV image. I imagine that Capitol Hill area sales of hair spray, styling mousses, Grecian Formula, Ultra Bright toothpaste and mascara have recently reached an all-time high. . . .

To mark this great occasion, I have written a sonnet. . . .

Turn the spotlight over here.

Focus the camera at my place.

Pages, please don't come near,

Otherwise, you just might block my face.

Some have made the worst claim yet,

That viewers will tire from the dull plot,

But I'll be willing to make a bet

Lobbyists will watch a whole lot.

Now that we're carried on television stations

People can view all our speeches and votes.

Our words will reach ears throughout the world's nations.

Anyone listening can watch and take notes.

In this Democracy, such freedom's the pleasure

That all Americans can now treasure.