Sept. 19, 1979: Jonathan Jay Pollard is hired as intelligence research specialist by U.S. Navy Field Operations Intelligence Office. He holds that position within various Navy divisions until June 1984. Early 1984: Pollard tells an unidentified associate that he is interested in meeting an Israeli military officer with whom the associate is acquainted. Summer 1984: Pollard meets the officer, Aviem (Avi) Sella, and agrees to pass classified documents to Sella and other Israeli representatives. During the summer they have further meetings at which Pollard passes documents to Sella. June 1984: Pollard is assigned as watch officer for Anti-Terrorist Alert Center, Threat Analysis Division, Naval Investigative Service (NIS). Late summer 1984: Sella tells Pollard he is returning to Israel and that Pollard will be assigned a new "handler." October 1984: Pollard becomes an intelligence research specialist in the Anti-Terrorist Alert Center. He holds a high-level security clearance and analyzes intelligence data about potential terrorist threats in the Caribbean and continental United States. November 1984: Pollard and his wife Anne Henderson-Pollard travel to Paris at Sella's direction for two days of meetings with Rafi Eitan, identified as the head of the operation; Joseph (Yossi) Yagur, science consul at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and Sella. After November 1984: Pollard removes documents from his office about three times weekly using a "courier card" that permits him to avoid being searched. He delivers the documents to Yagur or Irit Erb, an Israeli citizen who worked at the Israeli Embassy, at an apartment in Washington every two weeks. Spring 1985: Pollard's "handlers" give him a raise, from $1,500 monthly to $2,500. Summer 1985: Pollard gives his wife five documents, marked "secret," about the Chinese Embassy's structure and key diplomats, to help her prepare a presentation to embassy officials for her public relations firm. Nov. 15: Pollard delivers suitcase of classified documents to Erb's apartment for copying. Nov. 17: When Pollard returns to retrieve the documents, Erb does not come to the door, "an unusual occurrence which made Pollard nervous." Nov. 18: FBI and NIS agents stop Pollard in the parking lot of the NIS facility at Suitland and question him. During the interview, Pollard telephones his wife and mentions a code word, "cactus," to alert her to remove classified documents from their apartment. Anne Henderson-Pollard removes a suitcase containing classified documents from their apartment and meets with Sella, with whom they had previously arranged to have dinner. She tells him Pollard is in trouble. Nov. 19: Pollard, at Sella's instruction, calls Yagur, seeking help. Yagur tells Pollard to stall for time. Nov. 20: Irit Erb leaves the United States. Nov. 21: The Pollards unsuccessfully seek asylum at the Israeli Embassy. Jonathan Pollard is arrested. Nov. 22: Anne Henderson-Pollard is arrested. Yagur leaves the United States. June 4, 1986: Jonathan Pollard pleads guilty to conspiring to provide U.S. military secrets to the Israelis, and Anne Henderson-Pollard pleads guilty to conspiring to receive embezzled government property and being an accessory after the fact to possessing secret military documents.