Here are some books -- basically for third-through eighth-graders -- to keep the pages turning as you travel: Northeast:

The Matchlock Gun, Walter D. Edmonds -- Colonial boy protects his family from Indians.

It's Like This, Cat, Emily C. Neville -- Modern teen and his cat adventure in New York City.

Tituba of Salem Village, Ann Petry -- A young girl is drawn into witch trials.

Ben and Me, Robert Lawson -- Droll life of Ben Franklin as told by his mouse.

The Terrible Wave, Marden Dahlstedt -- A girl is swept away in the Johnstown Flood. South:

Dieey's Song, Cynthia Voigt -- Abandoned children adjust to Chesapeake Bay life.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred Taylor -- Mississippi girl in the Depression.

Walk the World's Rim, Betty Baker -- Searching for gold on the Gulf in the 1500s.

Where the Lilies Bloom, Vera & Bill Cleaver -- Orphaned children in Great Smokies.

Strawberry Girl, Lois Lenski -- Feuding and family life among Florida poor. Midwest:

Old Yeller, Fred Gipson -- A frontier Texas boy and stray dog face dangers in the 1860s.

Homer Price, Robert McCloskey -- Boy's ingenuity makes fun in Centerville, U.S.A.

The Edge of Nowhere, Lucy Sypher -- A modern girl feels that nothing happens in North Dakota.

Caddie Woodlawn, Carol Ryrie Brink -- Spunky girl on 1860s Wisconsin frontier.

Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder -- One of the beloved pioneer series. West:

Smoky, Will James -- Great western tale of cowpony's rough life.

And Now Miguel, Joseph Krumgold -- Mountains tempt a New Mexico sheepherder's son.

Three Without Fear, Robert DuSoe -- Ship-wrecked boy and Indians trek up California.

The Land of the Golden Mountain, C.Y. Lee -- Chinese girl disguised as boy faces dangers during Gold Rush.

Cayuse Courage, Evelyn Sibley Lampman -- Indian boy's struggles at time of Oregon massacre. Canada:

The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford -- Two dogs and a cat battle wilds to get home.

Owls in the Family & The Dog Who Wouldn't Be, Farley Mowat -- Crazy but true; about a boy and wacky pets in Saskatchewan.