You may call it self-serving, but I object to the sentiment, quoted this week in the newspaper, that young people don't read newspapers (The Washington Post, Wednesday, Page B10). I do not think it true.

Apart from news in depth, sometimes profound depth, one also gets at no extra charge the columnists. Now I am not so gross as to promote my own stuff, but I speak for good columnists everywhere, I trust, and by "good," I mean those who continually try to define man's place in the cosmos, at various levels. It helps, also, to write about something one knows something about.

Some excellent work is to be found in an endless number of newspapers, and although I love The Post, I do not like the notion that one knows the American press if one reads only The Post or The New York Times.

Dovie Hazelwood of Greers Ferry (out from Heber Springs) is columnist of that neighborhood and reports in the Cleburne County (Ark.) Times.

Ann Phillips Wyckoff occasionally sends me clippings from the pres of those parts, and through the courtesy of Times publisher Joel Irwin I relay the May 14 column of Ms. Hazelwood, as an example of what one misses if one does not read newspapers carefully.

If I travel I never fail to read the local press, and suggest that instead of fruitlessly demanding The Post or The Times in Bee Branch (see column) one purchase the Cleburne County Times, a source of considerable information not available elsewhere. Ms. Wyckoff says the column should be read aloud, but that is true for all good columns:

By Dovie Hazelwood

"Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners, and purify your hearts ye double-minded." James 4:8.

Well, I am back again, but still not feeling good.

Guy Hazelwood went to the doctor Wednesday.

Estle is not feeling good this morning.

Bill and Allene Simpson and Kathy Hazelwood came down and mowed their grandparents, Guy and Dovie Hazelwood's lawn Monday evening.

Dovie's sister and husband, Bill and Hazel Hall from Mt. Hope, Kan., were supper guests of the Guy Hazelwoods Friday evening.

Mrs. Wanda Biggs visited us Saturday afternoon, also Clay and Cathy Hazelwood and girls.

Brother Nolan Cannon spoke to us this morning at Lone Star. He brought our attention to several places in the Bible. I think everyone enjoyed the message.

Hugh Hazelwood is not getting better, and Oschell Dillon is in pretty bad shape.

Jerry and Joyce Sneed's son, Danny, fell off the house and bruised himself very badly. He was not able to be in church Sunday.

Lola Hazelwood spent the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Pammie Cullum and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Garrett are both sick.

Mrs. Linda Bittle and son, Jason, and Mrs. Lillie Freshour came and sat with Dovie and Estle Hazelwood who are both sick.

I am still sick. Maybe when the sun shines we will all feel better.

The girls, Cathy and Judy Hazelwood, came down and helped their grandpa, Guy, mow the lawn again Friday.

Hugh Hazelwood and Oschell Dillon aren't doing good at all.

The Clarence Garretts have had a full weekend. Their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Duprest from Conway, spent Sunday with them. Another daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Junior Armstrong, and two friends from Searcy came Sunday Jerry Burton came Friday and brought them a bunch of turnips and greens.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Snerley and two children came and brought Mrs. Flossie Adkinson from Monrbe, La. Mrs. Flossie stayed the weekend with the Garretts. All their children except one called and wished her Happy Mother's Day, and some of the grandchildren called.

My children called, also.

Lola and Adalee Hazelwood's granddaughters from Bee Branch spent the weekend with them.

Dovie Hazelwood went to Searcy last Wednesday to see Dr. John Henderson, a heart doctor.

One of our granddaughters, Mrs. Diania Heffner, drove us down. I don't know what we would do without our grandkids.

Monday morning -- we are all feeling better.

Now that is the kind of thing in a newspaper that once I start it, I read it to the end. There are a lot of Hazelwoods in it, yes, but I imagine it's a big family and if you're going to give the news from Greers Ferry you naturally are going to get a lot of Hazelwoods.

You will notice that this week we do not have a drawing by Susan Davis, though we always do. Susan is moving house and going bats getting things together. She is being helped by her friend Bob Barkin, who to everybody's surprise has been a real help. Susan is spending extra money to have special people move her art stuff. She has been warned to watch out for Evita, a pygmy parrot who is a pet. Bob says he'd like to keep Evita safe, all right, by locking her in a closet and leaving her. He is just horsing around; actually he loves the parrot who likes to get under his shirt and sleep.

Susan could probably have drawn for the column this week, moving or no moving. She can go flighty on you sometimes. Being an artist and all that.