Jorge Ochoa Vasquez, wanted by the United States on drug trafficking charges, was extradited by Spain to his native Colombia yesterday, police sources at Madrid's airport said.

Ochoa Vasquez, 36, was arrested in Madrid in 1984 at U.S. request. The Colombian request was made a year later, The Associated Press reported.

Both countries sought his extradition on charges he was a member of an international cocaine-trafficking ring. A Spanish court ruled that he should be extradited to Colombia because it was his native country. The government wanted to extradite him to the United States.

A Miami grand jury accused Ochoa Vasquez of involvement in a cocaine smuggling scheme in which a man identified as an aide to Nicaragua's interior minister allegedly took part.

U.S. Attorney Richard Gregorie said in Miami that he was pleased by the extradition and "the United States will immediately move to have him extradited from Colombia to Miami."

Meanwhile, Spanish news agencies said two Lebanese Shiite Moslems convicted of shooting a Libyan diplomat in Spain have been pardoned by the government and will be returned to Beirut. Their freedom was demanded by Shiites who kidnaped three Spanish officials in Beirut Jan. 17 and held them for a month.