The drug program announced by the National Football League on July 7 includes the following steps:

1. Appointment of Dr. Forest Tennant Jr., a nationally recognized expert in the field of chemical-dependency treatment, as NFL drug advisor and placing him in charge of the league-wide program.

2. Requiring more frequent urine testing, including two unscheduled tests during the regular season for every player in the league.

3. Retaining SmithKline Bio-Science Laboratories, a nationwide network of clinical laboratories, to collect and analyze all specimens.

4. Placing all users of prohibited substances under medical care as soon as identified through confirmed positive tests.

5. Assigning to Dr. Tennant and to SKBL the responsibility for administering urine testing of draft-eligible college players at the annual timing and testing sessions in February, and of NFL players at preseason training camps and in cases of reasonable cause.

6. Removing the league office and the member clubs as much as possible from the administration of the drug-testing and treatment aspects of the program.

7. Establishing a set of procedures that in some cases will provide for remedies while preserving the confidentiality of the test results, in other cases will mean immediate removal of players who test positive from their teams' active rosters, and in extreme cases will lead to a permanent ban from the league.