A U.S. District Court judge yesterday dismissed a lawsuit by former postmaster general Paul N. Carlin for his reinstatement by the Postal Service Board of Governors.

U.S. District Court Judge John H. Pratt ruled that the postal law deprived the courts of "judicially manageable standards" for reviewing a decision by the board to remove a postal executive "and intentionally foreclosed the courts from redressing any such removal."

Carlin sued the board on June 27, charging that he was ousted in January for trying to block an effort to steer a major noncompetitive procurement contract to Recognition Equipment Inc. (REI) of Irving, Tex.

He aimed his complaint at former board vice chairman Peter E. Voss, who pleaded guilty in May to charges of embezzlement and receipt of kickbacks. REI has denied any impropriety.

Carlin alleged that Voss wanted a postmaster general who would lean toward REI, and to secure his ouster, misled other governors about his performance. He also charged that the board conducted a search for a successor behind his back and that REI President William G. Moore Jr. contacted Albert V. Casey to see whether he would take Carlin's job. Casey subsequently became postmaster general, with the understanding that he would leave the post Aug. 15