Meets at 10 a.m. Committees: Appropriations -- 9:30 a.m. Open. D.C. subc. Legal D.C. drinking age. Rep. Steny Hoyer. 138 Dirksen Office Building. Appropriations -- 2 p.m. Open. Budget reconciliation for programs under its jurisdiction. S-128 Capitol. Commerce, Science and Transportation -- 10 a.m. Open. Merchant marine subc. To direct the transportation secretary to enter into certain contracts and contract amendments to develop and deregulate the U.S. flag liner fleet. 253 Russell Office Building. Energy and Natural Resources -- 10 a.m. Open. Natural resources development and production subc. The continental scientific drilling program. 366 DOB. Foreign Relations -- 10 a.m. Open. South Africa situation. 419 DOB. Governmental Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Nomination of John Suda to be associate judge of D.C. Superior Court. 301 ROB. Governmental Affairs -- 10 a.m. Open. Intergovernmental relations subc. To improve the targeting of federal aid for the general revenue-sharing program and other related proposals. 342 DOB. Rules and Administration -- 2 p.m. Open. Mark up FY87 Federal Election Commission authorization, printing resolutions, guidelines for impeachment trials and broadcast coverage of the Senate. 301 ROB. Small Business -- 4 p.m. Open. Proposed legislation authorizing sale of certain SBA loans in order to meet budget reconciliation instructions. S-146 Cap. HOUSE

Meets at 10 a.m. Committees: Agriculture -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Dep. ops., research, for. ag. subc. Hrng. to review U.S. grain-storage situation. 1302 Longworth House Office Building. Appropriations -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Mark up FY87 Approps. Interior and labor-HHS-education subc. 2360 Rayburn House Office Building. Appropriations -- 2 p.m. Open. Foreign ops. subc. Mark up FY87 approps. for progrms under its jurisdiction. H-140 Capitol. Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Econ. stabilization subc. Reauthorization hrng. on Defense Production Act. 2220 RHOB. Education and Labor -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Mark up age discrimination in employment.; amends. to Job Training Partnership. 2175 RHOB. Education and Labor -- 11 a.m. Open. Select ed. subc. Cont. hrngs. on handicapped education amends. 2257 RHOB. Energy and Commerce -- 10 a.m. Open. Oversight and investigations subc. Hrng. on Lockheed's loss of documents for F19 Stealth fighter prgrm. 2123 RHOB. Foreign Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Europe and Middle East and internatl. econ. policy and trade subcs. Jnt. hrng. on trade relations between U.S. and European Econ. Community. 2172 RHOB. Government Operations -- 10 a.m. Open. Hrng. on trigger mechanism in Gramm-Rudman-Hollings. 2154 RHOB. Select Hunger -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Hrng. on link between degradation of envirm't. and problems of hunger and U.S. for. disaster assistance prgms. 2212 RHOB. Interior and Insular Affairs -- 9:35 a.m. Open. Natl. parks and rec. subc. Mark up modifies Cuyahoga Valley Natl. Rec. Area boundaries. 340 Cannon House Office Building. Judiciary -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Crime subc. Hrng. on and mark up of White House Conf. on Narcotics Abuse and Control. B-352 Cap. Judiciary -- 10 a.m. Open. Criminal just. subc. Cont. hrngs. on death penalty. 2237 RHOB. Judiciary -- 10 a.m. Open. Monopolies and commercial law subc. Hrngs. on McCarran-Ferguson Act and current liability insurance crisis. 2141 RHOB. Merchant Marine and Fisheries -- 10 a.m. Open. To consider FY87 budget reconciliation instructions. 1334 LHOB. Post Office and Civil Service -- 10 a.m. Open. Census and pop. subc. Hrng. on 1990 census adjustment procedures and problem of an undercount. 311 CHOB. Rules -- 2:30 p.m. Open. Consider omnibus hwy. funding; dropout prevention; gifted and talented children. H-313 Cap. Science and Technology -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Cont. hrngs. on space shuttle Challenger accident. 2318 RHOB. Science and Technology -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Trans., aviation and materials subc. Mark up hydrogen research and development prgm. 2325 RHOB. Science and Technology -- 1:30 p.m. Open. Energy res. and production subc. Mark up extends Price-Anderson Act (fed. insurance and liability limits for nuclear power plant accidents.) 2325 RHOB. Veterans Affairs -- 9:30 a.m. Open. Comp., pension and insurance subc. Mark up legis. to provide COLAs in service-connected, dependency and indemnity compensation; mark up treatment of certain veterans prgms under Gramm-Rudman. 334 CHOB. Conferees -- 3:30 p.m. Open. Superfund Reauthorization. 2322 RHOB.