1955: John Anthony Walker Jr. joins Navy. 1962: Jerry Alfred Whitworth joins Navy. February or March 1968: Walker begins spying for the Soviets by walking into embassy on 16th Street in Northwest Washington.

1970: Whitworth meets Walker at a Navy communications school in San Diego. The two become close friends. September 1974: Over drinks in a restaurant at the San Diego airport, Walker asks Whitworth to join him in espionage.

1976: Walker retires from the Navy after a 21-year career.. October 1983: Whitworth retires from the Navy after a 23-year career.

May 20, 1985: John Walker is arrested in Rockville after FBI agents watch him make a drop intended for his Soviet contact in rural Montgomery County.

May 22, 1985: Michael Lance Walker, John Walker's son, is arrested in Haifa, Israel.

May 29, 1985: Arthur James Walker, John Walker's brother, is arrested at his home in Virginia Beach.

June 3, 1985: Whitworth is arrested in San Francisco.

Aug. 9, 1985: Arthur Walker is convicted on seven counts of espionage by a federal judge in Norfolk.

Oct. 28, 1985: John and Michael Walker plead guilty to espionage in federal court in Baltimore.

March 24, 1986: Whitworth's trial begins in federal court in San Francisco.

April 28, 1986: John Walker testifies against Whitworth, describing his initial overture to commit espionage at their meeting in 1974. Walker says he told Whitworth that he was "interested in using him in an illegal act," and that Whitworth was "excited and interested" in what Walker had to say. Walker describes their espionage activities in detail.

July 11, 1986: Jury begins deliberations in Whitworth's trial. July 24, 1986: Whitworth is found guilty of seven of eight espionage counts and five federal income tax violations.