King Hussein of Jordan conferred here today with Syrian President Hafez Assad on prospects for a Syrian-Iraqi rapprochement and on the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres to Morocco earlier this week.

Hussein has said he is determined to continue his efforts to reconcile Syria and Iraq despite the last-minute cancellation of a meeting that he had arranged between the Syrian and Iraqi foreign ministers in June. The biggest obstacles to such a reconciliation are Syria's support for non-Arab Iran against Iraq in the nearly 6-year-old Persian Gulf war and the long history of animosity between the ruling Baath parties of Syria and Iraq.

Hussein's talks with Assad were also thought to focus on this week's talks between Morocco's King Hassan and Peres, which prompted markedly differing reactions in Damascus and Amman.

Syria severed diplomatic ties with Morocco, called Hassan's step an act of treason and urged Morocco's expulsion from the Arab League.

Jordanian leaders, by contrast, said they would wait to ascertain the results of the talks before pronouncing judgment on them.

Relations between Syria and Jordan have improved during the past year after a rift that began in 1979. Hussein visited Damascus last December for the first time in six years and Assad returned the visit in May.

Meanwhile, George Habash, the leader of the Damascus-based Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, called at a press conference today for action to protest Morocco's reception of the Israeli prime minister.