Bargainers for the city and 7,000 striking municipal employes completed a tedious review of a lengthy tentative agreement yesterday, forcing a delay in a ratification vote until today.

Union officials said they have instructed members to remain on picket lines pending a ratification vote on the three-year pact.

Both sides met for more than six hours Saturday to put the final touches on the 70-page tentative pact to end a walkout of 7,000 city employes and 5,000 strike sympathizers. Ratification votes, expected to begin yesterday, were put off until this morning to give city and union officials enough time to examine the proposed agreement.

About 7,000 members of the American Federation of State, County and Muncipal Employees walked out July 16, and another 5,000 city workers, among them bus drivers and trash haulers represented by other unions, honored the picket lines.

Under the new three-year pact, workers in the first year will receive a 5 percent raise and a one-time bonus of $500. In the second year, they are guaranteed a 2.5 percent raise and the possibility of a higher increase under an equity formula that ties wages to the city's fiscal health. In the last year of the contract, the raise will be determined solely by the city's financial health.