An article in Friday's Business section on the legal fees paid by E.F. Hutton Group to Griffin B. Bell misidentified Mary Ann Altman, whose consulting firm surveys lawyers' hourly fees.

A caption in Sunday's Style section incorrectly identified Gilbert M. Grosvenor as editor of National Geographic Magazine. He is president of the National Geographic Society and a former editor of the magazine. The magazine's current editor is Wilbur E. Garrett.

An article Sunday incorrectly quoted University of Virginia law professor A.E. Dick Howard as saying a 1974 Supreme Court ruling in the Nixon tapes case was the only one on the issue of executive privilege. Howard said it was the seminal ruling, not the only one.

A column in the Outlook section Jan. 25 listed incorrectly the number of suicides among Americans aged 10 to 14 in 1975. The correct number is 170.

It was incorrectly reported yesterday that the D.C. Commission on Social Services has been criticized for failure to renovate substandard housing and for a series of letters that erroneously warned residents of public housing that they could be evicted for falling behind in their rents. Those criticisms were made against the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development.CLARIFICATION

A Food section column yesterday listed Rep. Sala Burton (D-Calif.) as a participant in a nutrition workshop scheduled next Wednesday. The preprinted section was completed before Rep. Burton's death Sunday night.