An article yesterday incorrectly quoted Kenneth Adelman, director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, on the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and Antiballistic Missile (ABM) treaty. The quotation should have read: "We would have to abrogate the treaty to do the testing we need to see if an SDI works, and no president is going to abrogate the ABM treaty just to do testing."

An article yesterday misstated the reason that the National Conference of Catholic Bishops declined in November to intervene in a controversy between the Vatican and Seattle Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen. In declining to intervene, the conference cited a lack of authority.

Monday's Washington Business incorrectly identified the lessor for office space leased by Systemhouse Inc. The space was leased from the Oliver Carr Co.

A Metro story Sunday about a survey of the effectiveness of members of the Virginia General Assembly incorrectly stated the ranking of Del. James H. Dillard (R-Fairfax) and Del. Gladys B. Keating (D-Fairfax). They tied for 56th. CLARIFICATION

An article Feb. 5 concerning charges filed in New York against officials of the Wedtech Corp. incompletely identified one of the defendants. He is Bernard G. Ehrlich, a New York lawyer, former law partner of Rep. Mario Biaggi (D-N.Y.) and a former commander of the National Guard 42nd Infantry Division.