Travels With the FAA -- the Rest of the Story: As it turned out, Federal Aviation Administration chief Donald D. Engen did not fly the FAA's white four-engine Lockheed Jetstar to Memphis yesterday. The 26-year-old plane was flown to Delaware instead, where it is being repaired.

The day before, Engen tried to fly to Seattle for a ceremony at the air control center there, and had to turn back twice because of cabin pressure problems.

But don't think Engen's grounded. He leaves this weekend for the Paris Air Show.

For $100 . . .

An unwritten law of American agriculture says that every farmer's misfortune is another farmer's gain. So it should come as no surprise that the American Farmland Trust (AFT), a conservation organization with many farmer members, has found a way to pry some advantage from troubles of the Farm Credit System (FCS).

In a mailing to trust members, President Ralph E. Grossi, a dairy farmer from Marin County, Calif., is urging that they sign a petition demanding that the likely federal bailout of the ailing farmer-owned FCS include provisions for more soil conservation.

Grossi calls the farm-aid debate a "golden opportunity" for the trust to put "a price tag on the allocation of public funds." The catch? AFT members are being asked to contribute up to $100 each to help the trust lobby Congress.

Out of Commission

The Agency for International Development (AID) has placed Joe S. Duncan, son of Rep. John J. Duncan (R-Tenn.), on "nonduty, nonpay status" after his conviction on charges of tax evasion in a Tennessee court.

Duncan, a White House political appointee who served as AID congressional liaison officer, was convicted May 21. AID decided Wednesday to suspend him and remove his security clearance pending the outcome of his appeal.

An AID spokesman said the agency had the latitude to decide whether to dismiss or suspend Duncan because he was still appealing the court's decision. But one government critic of the agency's relative leniency remarked, "If he had been a clerk he would have been dismissed pretty quick."