Colorado Rep. Patricia Schroeder, the senior woman in the House, is considering a run for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. She said she will decide this summer.

"People have asked me to look at it seriously, and I feel I have to look at it seriously," the eight-term House member told the Associated Press, saying that there are "just an awful lot of things that I could contribute that aren't being said."

Schroeder said the key questions she must answer are: Is it too late to enter the race, and could she raise enough money? She said her Iowa roots would be an advantage: "My whole family came out of Iowa . . . . Most of them are there. I really want to talk to people on the ground there."

Ann Lewis, a Democratic political adviser, expressed surprise that Schroeder is considering the race now but noted that she "has been in Congress longer that Gephardt, has had more legislation enacted than Biden and has more personal connections to Iowa than any of them."

Schroeder, 46, was a national cochairman of fellow Coloradan Gary Hart's short-lived presidential campaign. After Hart pulled out, she started thinking about running. "In 1984 I . . . said we women have to run like men do. We have to run for president," she said. "What really happened to me, in all candor, is that . . . I had people who came to me and said, 'Hart's out. Now you have no excuse now. And remember what you said.' "