TEGA CAY, S.C., JUNE 13 -- Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, deposed founders of the PTL ministry, sent word from seclusion today that they won't be able to vacate their parsonage on Lake Wylie by Monday's deadline.

The Bakkers sent their bodyguard, Don Hardister, to tell reporters holding vigil at a barricade down the road that they would leave the mansion as ordered by the PTL -- but not by Monday.

"This is so traumatic," Hardister said. "We are here to take care of personal business. We're going to wrap it up in a timely fashion. Reality says we must pick up and go. It will be longer than Monday; we've got to rest for a few days.

"I haven't informed {the Rev.} Jerry Falwell of the fact that we will not be out by Monday, but they've given us a lot of time," Hardister said. "There's not a mad dash to start packing boxes, but there will be. They will be packing and they will be moving. Obviously we will go back to California from here because that's where their other home is."

The Bakkers have yet to issue any reaction to Friday's announcement that PTL's new management filed for Chapter 11 protection for the ministry and its Heritage USA resort and theme park, and some of the PTL faithful were unhappy at what they viewed as the torpor of the PTL founders.

"They're just sitting back waiting for the Lord to do everything," said Nancy Calley, wife of a former PTL minister and a neighbor who has visited the Bakkers. "That's fine, but the Lord expects you to use your brain. They won't get off their fannies and do anything."