NEW DELHI, JUNE 15 -- Shops and offices in most of Delhi remained closed today to protest the killings of at least 14 people in this city by terrorists late Saturday.

Nearly 48 hours after an unknown number of killers struck at five different locations in south Delhi's residential district, police had made no arrests or comments on the progress of investigations.

The killings came at the end of a "genocide week" sponsored by Punjab militants to mark the anniversary of the 1984 Indian Army raid against armed Sikh militants in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Sikhdom's holiest shrine. The gunmen who burst into a home, shooting guests at a child's birthday party Saturday, left a note that associated them with a Sikh militant leader killed in the Golden Temple raid.

Extremist Sikhs, in their campaign for an independent Sikh nation in Punjab state, have attacked Hindus in that state with the apparent aim of driving them out, but have not struck so fiercely in the capital since 1985.

The killings came at a politically difficult time for Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, whose ruling Congress (I) Party faces an important election Wednesday in Haryana, a state bordering Punjab. Right-wing Hindus challenging Gandhi's party accuse his government of failing to protect Hindus from Sikh extremism and could stand to gain from the shock of the weekend massacre.

Madan Lal Khurana, president of the Delhi branch of the opposition Indian People's Party, said that today's closing of shops and offices, which he called a "total success," was a way of protesting against the government's inability to control terrorism and "to express anguish over deaths of innocent people."

The official toll was put at 14 people killed and at least 20 injured after Sikhs opened fire first at the birthday party for a Hindu girl and later at crowds or people passing by on motor scooters.

Residents of the area said at least double the officially reported number of people had died.

"Investigations are on and we have announced a reward of 100,000 rupees {about $8,000} for information leading us to the killers," said Ravi Pawar, a police spokesman.