GUNS AND BUTTER Q 1: What kinds of weapons did the U.S. sell Iran? a) TOWS and Hawk parts b) Sparrows and Hawk parts c) TOWS and Silkworms Q 2: Which contra contributor gives his name to the beer brewed with "pure mountain spring water?" Q 3: What flavor was the cake former national security adviser Robert C. McFarlane took to negotiations with the "Iranian moderates" in May 1986?

ARTS AND LETTERS Q 1: Which Middle Eastern mazagine broke the story of McFarlane's May 986 trip to Tehran? Q 2: The inscription President Reagan placed in the Bible presented to Iranian negotiators came from which book of the New Testament? Q 3: "Not only in elegant churches, but at crude altars in the jungle, candles burn for you," reads part of a poem recited by Robert W. Owen following testimoney before congressional investigating panels. For whom do the candles burn? Q 4: What is the full name of this year's best-selling book on the National Security Council?

a) "Report of the President's Special Board"

b) "The Tower Commission Report"

c) "All the President's Men" Q 5: What is the nickname used for NSC interoffice computer messages?

CONTRA-TEMPS Q 1: What is the nickname of the helicopter bought for the contras with contributions from Ellen St. John Garwood, a wealthy Texas widow? Q 2: Which member of Congress gave his name to the amendment limiting aid to the contras?

a) Rep. Jack Kemp

b) Sen. Daniel Patrick Moyniham

c) Rep. Edward P. Boland Q 3: What kind of traveler's checks did Adolfo Calero give fired NSC aide Lt. Col. Oliver L. North?

a) American Express

b) Visa

c) Barclays Q 4: The CIA station chief in which Central American nation provided weather and mapping information to the cotra resupply operation?

FUN AND GAMES Q 1: Fawn Hall turned down an offer from Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione to pose for the magazine. How much was she offered? Q 2: What kind of party did North tell McFarlane he planned to throw in November 1986?

a) pool party

b) shredding party

c) Tupperware party

d) Communist party Q 3: Which Defense Department official did North beat in the boxing finals at the U.S. Naval Academy? Q 4. What kind of car did retired Air Force major general Richard V. Secord buy with profits from the enterprise?

PEOPLE AND PLACES Q 1: What is the identity of Country 2?

a) Saudi Arabia

b) Taiwan

c) Israel Q 2: The sultan of Brunei's $10 million contribution to the cotnras ended up in:

a) Adolfo Calero's Miami bank account

b) North's White House safe

c) The Swiss account of a Geneva businessman Q 3: Of what registry is the Eria, the ship that businessman Albert A. Hakim bought with profits from the Iran arms sales to make clandestine broadcats off the coast of Libya?

PEOPLE AND PLACES Q 4: When Owen, North's self-described courier to the contras, uttered the word "mooey" to a man in a Chinese market in New York, the man handed him $9,500 in $100 bills. From where did he pull the bills? Q 5: List two of the code names used to describe Col. North:

a) Steelhammer and Blood and Guts

b) Belly Button and Mr. Goodwrench

c) Lethal Weapon and Agent 99 Q 6: Which men involved in the Iran-contra affair did Fawn Hall's mother Wilma once work for?

a) North and McFarlane

b) McFarlane and Rear Adm. John M. Poindexter

c) Bush aide Donald P. Gregg and Poindexter

Compiled by Michelle Hall; Caricatures by Richard Thompson; Design by Marty Barrick