An airline pilot hurrying to work neglected to get updated weather information and ignored federal rules when he tried to land his private plane in a thick fog, colliding with a jetliner, authorities said yesterday.

William Bain, 56, a pilot for Eastern Airlines who had been warned by his superiors about being late for work, tried to land his twin-engine plane Nov. 6 at Tampa, Fla., after failing once to make his way through the fog, which caused two earlier flights to divert to other airports, according to a National Transportation Safety Board investigation.

Bain was to pilot a flight that was to leave in about an hour but at the time of the accident he had about 15 minutes to be on time for his pre-flight check-in, the board's investigation report said.

The board determined that pilot error was the cause of the crash and that poor planning by Bain along with self-imposed pressure to get to work contributed to the accident. Bain died in the crash and three persons aboard the airliner suffered minor injuries evacuating it.

In a taxiway incident Monday night in Los Angeles, two airliners collided when a mechanic taxiing one jet into a hangar turned too close to the other, damaging both planes. Passengers on one plane were directed to use an escape slide when a flight attendant became worried about the danger of fire, authorities said.