Two small polyps removed from President Reagan's colon Friday were benign, the White House said yesterday.

Reagan was told of the results of the laboratory tests yesterday afternoon by his physician, Col. John Hutton Jr., according to spokesman Mark Weinberg. The president is spending the weekend at his retreat at Camp David.

"He is pleased," Weinberg said, adding that Reagan will have another test in about six months.

The tests Friday were the fourth in a series of periodic colonoscopy checkups to guard against a recurrence of the cancer for which the president had surgery in 1985. Four benign polyps -- fleshy growths that can become cancerous -- were removed during the last colonoscopy Jan. 4.

The president also received a routine prostate exam yesterday as a follow-up to his prostate operation in January. A statement on Friday said his prostate was "found to be entirely normal."

The president "continues to be in excellent health," said the Friday statement issued by the White House for Hutton.

Yesterday's statement said, "Final laboratory analysis of the two small polyps removed from the president yesterday confirm both to be benign. The president was informed of the results this afternoon at Camp David by his physician."