NORFOLK, VA. -- A Navy petty officer questioned about the Walker spy ring has been charged with 111 counts of making false statements to investigators, who said he led them on wild goose chases for two years.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Daniel Rivas Jr., 33, who once worked for John A. Walker Jr.'s detective agency, allegedly told officials that the convicted spy participated in or committed three slayings, the Navy said.

A 31-page document released Wednesday by the Atlantic Fleet Naval Air Force also alleges that Navy investigators and FBI agents were misled by the sailor into believing that Walker had large amounts of money hidden in an underwater container and in a Swiss bank account, was planning to escape from prison, had electronically bugged the VIP quarters at the Norfolk Naval Station and was involved in smuggling guns to Central America.

Walker, son Michael Lance Walker, brother Arthur James Walker and friend Jerry A. Whitworth are serving prison sentences for selling sensitive secrets to the Soviet Union.

Rivas, a 16-year Navy veteran, was placed on restriction Wednesday at the Norfolk Naval Station while the case is considered.

In an interview two weeks ago with The Virginian-Pilot and The Ledger-Star, the machinery repairman said all he ever wanted to do was help probers prosecute Walker, who was arrested in May 1985.

Dennis Usrey, regional director for operations for the Naval Investigative Service, declined to comment on whether Rivas is a suspect in any of the homicides.

"I think that would be inappropriate," he said.

But Usrey said his agents expected Rivas to be "honest with us. We found inconsistencies . . . . He wasn't encouraged to provide us with any inaccurate or incorrect information."