NEW YORK, JULY 5 -- NAACP Executive Director Benjamin L. Hooks, opening the organization's 78th annual conference, vowed today that his group will stop the nomination of Judge Robert H. Bork to the Supreme Court.

Hooks charged that elevation of the conservative U.S. appeals court judge to the high court, which requires Senate confirmation, would result in a "rollback" on court decisions guaranteeing civil rights.

"We will go all out in seeing that Bork is not appointed to the Supreme Court," Hooks said, outlining conference goals at a news conference.

Hooks said the NAACP plans to meet personally with every senator before confirmation hearings begin, probably in the fall.

He also said the organization is researching Bork's speeches and decisions to fuel its campaign to block the appointment and will call on influential members of the black community to lobby senators.

Hooks recalled Bork's role in the Watergate affair when as acting attorney general he followed President Richard M. Nixon's order in 1973 to dismiss Archibald Cox as the first Watergate special prosecutor.

"In reaching back from Irangate to a Watergate figure, it seems like he {President Reagan} is thumbing his nose at the American people," Hooks said.

The NAACP has championed black citizens' causes since its founding in New York in 1909.

This year's conference, Hooks said, will focus on problems such as unemployment, high school dropout rates among black students, the growing number of families headed by single black mothers, substance abuse, black-against-black crime, and winning places for blacks in the record industry and in the front offices of professional sports organizations.

Speakers at the conference, which lasts through Thursday, include Jesse L. Jackson, New York Gov. Mario M. Cuomo (D), White House chief of staff Howard H. Baker Jr. and former basketball star Julius Erving.